What Hypnobirthing is all about

Hypnobirthing at its very core is about creating a positive birthing experience. Its premise is that all women are capable of achieving a positive birth for themselves and their babies by empowering them with knowledge, tools and support. Women are actually biologically built to give birth, however in our current modern and very medically focused culture it seems we have lost our inner wisdom regarding our bodies ability to give birth. Hypnobirthing aims to restore this innate trust in our own bodies to allow for a positive and calm birth. While giving birth is an instinctual act that we have all but forgotten, hypnobirthing provides tools that can be used to tap into our instincts. One of these tools and the ‘hypno’ part of hypnobirthing, includes the use of hypnotherapy to relax our mind and remove any fears we may have surrounding birth that may inhibit our natural ability to birth. Hypnobirthing also uses self-hypnosis to condition our bodies to release our natural pain-relieving hormone, endorphins, so that when we are in labour, we can easily slip into this relaxed state allowing our body to do its thing.

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What makes Hypnobirthing Australia™ Positive Birth Program so unique

The Hypnobirthing Australia program is the most comprehensive, up-to-date and research-based hypnobirthing course in Australia. Additionally, the Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner course to become a certified teacher is endorsed by the Australian College of Midwives which is the peak professional body for midwives in Australia.

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Hypnobirthing Australia

What you will learn

Hypnobirthing is a comprehensive, empowering and unique childbirth education program that prepares pregnant women and their birth partners for a calm and positive birth, regardless of what direction their birth takes. It is comprised of four units, described as follows:

Unit 1: ‘Creating and Maintaining a Positive Mindset’ explores the history of birth, our innate ability to give birth and the role our mind plays in the preparation of birth.

Unit 2: ‘Our toolkit for birth’ practically delves into many tools that are helpful to use throughout pregnancy, labour and birth, with an emphasis on creating a positive birth.

Unit 3: ‘Preparation and choices for an empowered birth’ is where we take a look into how labour progresses naturally, what can help labour continue smoothly and how to make informed decisions about circumstances that can arise.

Unit 4: ‘Bringing it all together’ focuses on creating your own personal birth preferences, what to expect as labour progresses, your rights during birth as well as preparing your birth partner to advocate on your behalf.

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Course Outline


Don’t feel like you have to miss out if you can’t attend a class. You can absolutely still prepare for a positive and calm birth by downloading Hypnobirthing Australia’s MP3 tracks to practice in the comfort of your own home.

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Hypnobirthing Resources

While attending group classes in person is sometime difficult, you can still access the resources that couples are given as part of Hypnobirthing Australia’s Positive Birth Program and then you can pair these with a private one on one online or in person (If based in Geelong and surrounds) session with me. If you have any questions or I can support you in any way please feel free to contact me via text, phone call or email.

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