My Calm Induced Birth

Prior to having a baby I was PETRIFIED of birth and while pregnant with Lorelai it made me sick to my stomach to think about how I was going to give birth. I went along to the hospital run birth preparation classes and went home crying after almost every session. However during the pain relief session the midwife mentioned Hypnobirthing and I was immediately intrigued. Having a pit in my stomach about the hospital options for pain relief I knew I had to find another way so I went home and researched this Hypnobirthing thing and found Hypnobirthing Australia™.

Within the first 5 minutes of the Positive Birth class I knew I had found my saving grace. By the lunch break of the first day I was excited and looking forward to my birth and by the end of the two day (spread over a week) I felt empowered, excited and calm about my birth. I felt as though I had a greater understanding of my body, tools to help me through my labour and a real  partnership with my husband about delivering our baby girl.

I had hoped for a water birth with no intervention but unfortunately I was required to be induced due to hypertension and low fluid around bubs. So as Hypnobirthing teaches I surrendered to whatever turn my birthing took and I prepared myself for the induction.

I had the catheter balloon put in the night before and the morning of Lorelai’s birth had my waters broken and the syntocinon drip started just before 10am and less than 7 hours later my beautiful baby girl was born. I had a calm, positive and unaided natural birth with less than 4 hours of active labour. I cannot thank Hypnobirthing Australia™ enough for the amazing program that absolutely transformed my fear to faith, giving me the most incredible respect and understanding of my body and allowing me to have such an incredible and positive first birth experience.

Caitie, Nick and Lorelai

Caitie & Lorelai
Caitie & Lorelai

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